what is NZ Income Insurance?

NZ Income Insurance (NZII) is a compulsory unemployment insurance scheme proposed by the Government, the Council of Trade Unions and Business NZ.

It risks further entrenching poverty and discrimination for many, including Māori, women, Pacific people, disabled people, sole parents, children and other marginalised communities.

It is big—it will annually cost $3.5 billion a year—yet it does not aim to address any of the major long-term concerns New Zealanders have such as housing, poverty or climate change.

NZII fundamentally changes Aotearoa New Zealand’s welfare approach from ‘support based on need’ to ‘support based on prior income’. In general, if you lose your paid job and it’s covered by NZII, the more you have, the more you’ll get.

We believe in the transformation of our welfare system so that all people have liveable incomes and access to good services so people, whānau and communities can thrive. We believe in care for all.

“… in announcing a completely separate safety net without fixing the old one, this Government appears to be signalling a disregard for those who need help the most…”

Michelle Duff, Stuff