public discussion of NZII

Instead of making our system better, this new one it looks set to make moral judgements on who deserves government money the most, who should get more of it, and whose work is more important. Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise to see who looks set to come out on top.

Michelle Duff: Where are women in the social insurance scheme? On the benefit (Feb 2022)

Who takes responsibility where there are multiple short-term casual and precarious jobs? Who assesses qualifying health conditions? What about women’s unpaid caregiving work? … Has ACC got the capacity to case manage, police and administer the new social insurance? … Who decides on ‘no fault of the worker’?

Assoc Prof Susan St John: Some questions about income insurance (Feb 2022)

The Government will have to reassure many individuals and communities that the policy will not violate undertakings in Te Tiriti o Waitangi, that it will not have human rights implications for Pasifika workers, that it will not worsen wealth inequality, and that it will not delay other necessary changes to the welfare system.

Max Harris: Some questions about that redundancy insurance scheme (May 2021)

Making distinctions between beneficiary and worker is a strategy that has been used time and time again to divide us… Separating workers from beneficiaries—those involved in caring for children, the elderly, our communities—ignores all the essential unpaid work being done by those who access our welfare system. Our struggles are the same – an income where we can thrive and fully participate… Lifting benefits to liveable levels is good for all workers.

Vanessa Cole: Budget 2021: The problem with social unemployment insurance (May 2021)